Product films

Product films have the task to present the advantages of a product in an appealing manner and focus on the essentials. A product video created on the basis of 3D animations is able to show a product as it is never possible with a reality camera.

Gosetti product films

On the basis of 3D CAD data we create professional product clips for the most different presentation purposes. This way, you can show your product video, for example, at trade fairs, websites or internal presentations. No matter whether it should be rather informative or emotional, our concern is to stage your product perfectly.

In the product videos created by us, we consistently exploit the possibilities of 3D animation. For instance, we show camera movements through and around the objects, which would not be feasible with a film camera in this form. We show the functions to be explained to the viewer while the object can be depicted in a transparent and animated manner in an impressive quality.

Strengths of our product films

Dazzle your clients with a product movie that we can design as short, exciting trailers or an informative video clip. This makes the advantages of your product clear. Use the possibilities of the multimedia experience and other versatile applications. Spread your product films, for example, via your website or your social media channels and provide an interactive product experience to your customers.

Advantages product films

  • Encourage and appeal to customers – with spectacular 3D animation scenes and an impressive presentation of the product advantages.
  • Image management – the high grade and quality of your products are highlighted.
  • Sales promotion – arguments can be significantly enhanced and supported. A technical animation increases understanding.
  • Versatility – adapting to media habits (leading media television and Internet).

Project Examples Product Films