Explanatory videos

An explanatory video is for simple and better understanding of complex situations and to complement and support the sales arguments. It helps to illustrate complex products or services, rendering them simple and appealing

Gosetti explanatory videos

We help our clients to communicate complex technical issues in an appealing and comprehensible manner. To this end, we rely on the medium of film and create professional explanatory videos based on 2D and 3D animations or combinations of both.

The two- to four-minute explanatory video explains all relevant topics concerning the product very efficiently and comprehensibly. In doing so, we rely on conceptual design elements and strictly follow the corporate identity (CI) of the customer.  On customer’s request, we set the explanatory video with music or words by a professional speaker.

Strengths of explanatory videos

The trend towards information gathering is increasingly shifting toward the medium of moving images. We offer your customers this multimedia experience! Explain the facts to your customers in the form of appealing explanatory videos. This allows information to be processed faster and more intensively.

Our experienced team creates your explanatory video at the highest level. In addition to the technical expertise and communication skills of our employees, our customers especially appreciate our punctuality and flexibility. The tasks entrusted to us are handled by our employees quickly and reliably. Here, we place emphasis on a professional quality management by experienced project managers.

Advantages of explanatory videos

  • Fast information delivery – inform customers quickly and accurately about your products and services.
  • Easy to understand – tell your customers about complexity in the simplest way.
  • Versatility – use explanatory videos on many channels (Internet site, YouTube, social networks, etc.).
  • simplify training – promote learning and make training more efficient and effective.
  • Customer loyalty increase – improve the quality of learning, to bind customers to your company.

Project examples of explanatory videos