Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

Computer generated imagery (CGI) is a digital photo montage of 3D rendering and post-production. Here we bring products to life and give an individual touch to each single image.

CGI by Gosetti

Computer generated imagery (CGI)  in the area of film production and computer simulation, images that are created by means of 3D computer graphics. In the world of images, CGI’s allow to break through the boundaries of creativity and to free up the imagination.

We visualize the pictures of our customers in a highly emotional, factual, informative or technical graphical manner. The imagery created by us is being used by our customers in brochures, magazines, catalogues, advertising images, interactive content or websites and exhibition walls.

Strengths of CGI

In post-production, the fantastic imagery arises, with no more limits. Fiction and reality merge into one image. Enjoy the uniqueness of your image, your product.

Once you find an unprecedented motif, you can show your product from the absolute best side. For example, background motifs can merge marvellously with your product and thus create image worlds that are guaranteed to attract attention.

Advantages of CGI

  • Impress customers – create your own imagery, present products as it would otherwise not be possible
  • Images inform – show what would otherwise not be visible,
  • Sales promotion – images are sales arguments and are essential to also convince the customer emotionally about the product.
  • Versatility – easy to adapt to all media whether print, online or offline