Gosetti demo reel – technical 3D animations


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Gosetti demo reel – technical 3D animations

Project task

In recent years, Gosetti has created many technical 3D animations for the areas of mechanical engineering, instrumentation, solar engineering, energy and building services engineering. We wanted to be able to present these technical 3D animations to customers on the internet, at presentations or at trade fairs, by way of example. For this reason, we asked our colleagues to create a short video section of our technical 3D animations, the “Gosetti Demo Reel – Technical 3D Animations”.

Project objectives

Our sample video on the topic of “technical 3D animation” should give potential customers on overview within a short time about what we are doing in this area. Within a maximum of three minutes, customers should get a good overview of our 3D technical animations. The following aspects should be clarified for the customer:

  • Functioning of products or equipment can be depicted photo-realistically already before the production.
  • A technical 3D animation can be used to display things and functions that are not visible during use.
  • Complex issues can be illustrated easily, quickly and impressively.The film should then be made available to our colleagues in marketing and sales for advertising purposes.

Project result

After we had selected some projects in the field of technical 3D animation, we produced a video compilation from this. This resulted in a roughly three-minute video, which we make available to our marketing and sales staff. In addition, we have put the demo reel “Technical 3D animation” online on YouTube. This is a great additional advertising effect for us. The video has since been called up many thousands of times, which of course pleases us.


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