One of the most important aspects for the calculation of images are light and reflections on the material. This shows the skills of every 3D agency.  It is not by chance that the saying goes “to present in the right light”, because it shows that one type of rendering differs from the next.

Renderings by Gosetti

What make up good renderings by Gosetti? In the first place, it is the surfaces, which must be faithfully mapped according to the original in a photo-realistic manner.  Therefore, we make sure that our designers have good observation gifts and material knowledge, so that they can faithfully transmit the reality into the digital world.

The perspective is another point that is important for the product and the desired mapping . In addition to the correct views of the object the intuition of the designer is crucial so as to generate, by using light, the precise mood that an image is supposed to convey. The whole art of a good rendering is evident here. The light sets   mood and feeling and thus determines the momentousness of each image.

Strengths of rendering

Your existing 3D design data is typically the basis of our work. This CAD data is used by us to create virtual product images for you, in a manner that a reality camera could never capture. On request we build entire scenes and environments, around your product and thus create  perfect, stunning imagery.

Displaying products in the operating state, by transparency or section views is no problem in order to show the Interior of a product. We represent functions and processes through self-explanatory simulations. In 3D visualization, there are nearly no limits set. Let your imagination run wild and present your product in an irresistibly exciting way.

Benefits of rendering

  • Impress customers – convince with high-quality and attractive renderings
  • Images inform – show in the image what would otherwise not be visible,
  • Sales promotion – sell your products emotionally through images.
  • Versatility – use the rendering in all media (print, online, offline)