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The new Dimension of Visualization

Immerse yourself in the virtual world

Virtual Reality

VR (Virtual Reality) enables a new dimension of perception. With special virtual reality glasses, you immerse yourself in the world of the future and get an absolutely realistic picture of your projects. Much more realistic than on a normal screen. Already in the early stages of the project, they provide incredibly lifelike impressions of the final result. Convince your investors and prospective buyers of products, projects, concepts and ideas. Allow your customers to participate in a virtual tour of final results, which come very close to reality.

Show your customers details, functions and processes in a virtual environment. Here we reproduce fictitious products or real places in the virtual world. We create concepts for the implementation of virtual worlds, together with you. In these, we visualize products, systems and functional sequences so detailed that everyone understands them immediately. On request we create spaces and environments that come extremely close to reality, with almost unlimited possibilities.

Contact us, we will gladly present options and the virtual reality. We look forward to hearing from you.

What technology is required to experience the virtual worlds?

A powerful computer with appropriate game graphics card is required for the representation of virtual worlds. via a special virtual-reality headset, which completely surrounds the eyes and ears if necessary. Thus, the user gets completely immersed in the digital virtual world. Sensors on the headset record the head and body movements, allowing the viewer the sensation of looking around or moving in the virtual reality. Many systems are able to record gestures and movements, so the viewer can interact with the virtual objects. Even viewing on your mobile phone is possible with a few flaws.

With our services in virtual reality, we take you into a new dimension of visualization

Interactive experiences

Augmented Reality

AR (augmented reality) refers to the computer-aided addition of virtual elements to reality. Our perception is supplemented in real time by texts, images, videos or three-dimensional animations.

With augmented reality, users can be guided step by step through the work to be performed during product assembly, maintenance and production and can be supported by additional information that can be displayed.

The advantages of augmented reality


Examples of our augmented reality services

Example configurator
Example application
An application example to download and try out on your Windows PC.

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